Here at FreeCause, we build loyalty marketing solutions that have given over 20 million users worldwide the power to earn valuable rewards without opening their wallets. Whether those rewards are virtual currencies, airline miles, or charitable donations, we're committed to providing custom solutions to fit the needs of any business.
Michael Jaconi
Chief Executive Officer

We understand that organizations come in all different shapes and sizes. Our clients range from global loyalty programs and charitable causes to professional sports teams and online gaming. Each has distinct objectives based on their membership needs. That's why we deliver scalable solutions specifically tailored for your organization to engage and retain members.

Find out how we help a wide array of organizations make the most of their FreeCause technology:
Loyalty Programs
Creating sustainable value-for-value relationships that drive engagement is an ongoing challenge in any loyalty program. By expanding the ways in which members can earn rewards and providing them with tools to maintain a two-way dialogue, FreeCause helps organizations improve relationships and establish an emotional connection with their members. Designed to integrate easily with existing technology, FreeCause solutions power immediate results.
Sports and Entertainment
Sustaining a highly active member base year round is ambitious for organizations dependent on seasonal programming. FreeCause helps bridge the gaps. By providing innovative ways to follow teams, athletes or entertainment programs every day of the year, fans gain unprecedented access and experience unique forms of interaction that keep them coming back. Forging greater enthusiasts translates into an expanded fan base and increased merchandising revenue.
Holding the attention of players in an overcrowded space requires gaming companies to ensure constant visibility. FreeCause solutions not only allow players to interact with the game, even after they've left the site, but also increase revenue per player by tapping into a unique set of monetization tools. With FreeCause's help, organizations add value by providing a more user-friendly, enjoyable and efficient gaming experience in the context of everyday web browsing.

Learn more about our interactive GamerBar which rewards members while monetizing you.
Establishing lasting relationships with current students and cultivating strong alumni donors is critical for colleges and universities. FreeCause solutions help education clients foster connectivity and a tighter knit community by giving students and alumni immediate, constant access to school content from anywhere on the web. Similarly, the school gains 24/7 access to its constituents. Through relevant communication, our clients strengthen affinity and achieve higher event and giving participation.
Relying heavily on donations, nonprofits and charities must establish and sustain strong relationships with their constituents. To help them achieve their goals, FreeCause equips nonprofit clients with everything they need to reach and engage supporters and promote ongoing awareness in a viral, grassroots approach. Our solutions enable organizations to give their constituents an easy, convenient way to support and stay connected to the causes they care about.